Re-roofing is a glum subject for most, if not all homeowners. The cost of re-roofing can dampen one’s mood. But it is a fact of life that at some point a roof would need some repairs done or would need a total replacement or re-roofing. A homeowner’s best weapon of choice in preventing total roof replacement is doing checks regularly on the roof’s surface and being always on the alert of how the roof is performing. Being able to pinpoint small problems at the earliest possible time can spell the difference between a roof repair and roof replacement in the future.

In finding out if your roofing is still in good condition, most would immediately climb up the roof. This is not always necessary. At times, you only need to have good eyesight and binoculars to pinpoint if your roof is in need of repairs or in need of replacement. Many homeowners only pay attention to their roofing once they start seeing leaks. But homeowners should be aware that the absence of leaks on the roof does not equate to excellent roof condition. Your roofing can have problems even if it is not leaking.

There are danger signals that homeowners should be aware of. They reveal the true condition of your roof and if your roof is no longer offering protection to your home. What are these danger signals to watch out for? Let’s go over them one by one.

Danger Signals You Should Be Aware Of

  • If you see water in your attic after a heavy downpour, this means there is something wrong with your roof. The same is true if you see an ice buildup.
  • Shingles that have cracks and curls spell roof trouble. So do shingles that are loose or missing.
  • If you are starting to notice decay on your shingles, this means your roof is already in a poor condition. Mold or mildew growth also spells the same.
  • If the interior walls and or ceilings show stains, your roof is in trouble.

You should be vigilant in doing regular checks on your roof so you would be able to prevent a minor problem from getting bigger until the problem can no longer be fixed and you end up of doing total roof replacement which is definitely more costly than roof repairs.

One should realize that replacing a roof is not your average DIY task. You may have done a DIY roof repair at one point or another but roof replacement is entirely a different matter. It will be a difficult job to do on your own especially if you don’t have any knowledge or proper training on re-roofing. This is also a dangerous task. Your best option is to go to a reliable roofing company to have the replacement taken care of.

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