1, 2, or 3… $100 – CASH BACK

Get Your Promotion Today!

Because we value our customers, we have made our referral program very simple. Some conditions apply. See * below for details.

It’s as EASY as 1, 2, or 3!!!

  1. WORD OF MOUTH – Just send our name and contact information to someone you know in the market for home improvement, and when they mention your name you will receive a one-time commission of $100.00 CASH!!!
  2. ONLINE REFERRAL – Fill out the on-line form below to recommend someone you know that is in need or in the market for home improvement and you will receive a one-time commission of $100.00 CASH!!!

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  3. DIRECT – To refer someone over the phone please call 403-995-0677403-995-0677 or email referrals@hubbardexteriors.com and you will receive a one-time commission of $100.00 CASH!!!

What if I have more than 1?

If you have more than one recommendation, recommend them all! Any job completed that you have recommended qualifies, there is no limit to the number of $100 referral fees we can give out. You have the potential to make some serious $$$.

* Some conditions apply. For every qualifying introduction:

  • Rewarded cash referral fee is subject to job completion and full payment.
  • Your name must be given as referrer when new client arranges installation.
  • The job must be completed during the course of the promotion.
  • Only one cash payment per job to be given out. Two people cannot recommend the same potential client. The first recommendations will only qualify.
  • In the event that the new client has contacted us prior to the referral being stated, the referrer does not qualify for this promotion.
  • Please allow 30 days after job completion and received payment for one-time commission payment of $100.00 CASH.