One of Calgary’s leading companies in residential roof replacements. Protect your investment(s)!

Being Calgary’s leading roofing company, we understand we are not just covering a building; we are covering your home. It makes sense to protect your home with high quality roofing products that are installed correctly. Doing so may enhance the curb appeal and value of your home (great for resale!), and can sometimes dramatically alter the look of your entire home.


We specialize in premium quality shingles (a wide variety), cedar shakes and products for low slope applications.

When you contact us, a qualified representative will provide detailed information about our product options that may work best with your particular roofing requirements. We can bring shingle samples to your home, or if you would like to see how they look when installed, we can also provide you with addresses in your area of completed home roofing projects in the style or color you are considering.

One of our most widely used roofing suppliers, IKO, provides a great roof viewer that allows you to try out different products to see how they may look on your home with your particular exterior colors and materials.


You can also click here to go to the IKO Website.


When you contact us, a qualified representative will provide detailed information about our product options, promotions, work schedules, prices, and answers to your questions.

We provide:

  1. Written or electronic quotes for all roofing projects.
  2. On-site consultation with one of our roofing specialists prior to any commitment.
  3. A Workmanship Guarantee.
  4. All of our warranties (product, installation, etc.) are provided in writing!



When properly installed, a Ventilation System will remove heat and moisture. Excessive condensation and high temperatures in the attic can dramatically decrease the efficiency of insulation and damage roofing components. This can cause a number of problems. In such a case, shingles tend to soften, curl and buckle. Rafters, boards, and insulation may rot or mold.

When replacing your roof, it is an excellent time to consider ventilation and assess other projects such as eavestroughing, soffits and downspouts. It is less expensive and highly convenient to have these enhancements installed along with your new roof!


We will remove existing roofing, haul away all debris, and remove all rotten plywood at no extra charge. Finally, we are thorough in our clean-up and magnet sweep around the entire job area. This ensures you will be left with a home that’s safe, more efficient and looks amazing!